Tuesday, March 23, 2010

secret jar

i'm afraid of crossing my room to my bed in the dark. i turn on both the lamp and the light, then walk over to my bed, get in, then turn off the lamp.


  1. i do this often too. the dark is sometimes a scary place. but sometimes lovely at the same time. hope you are well. samantha ♥

  2. oh, so do i - i don't like being on my own in the dark, as you can't see what's around you, and you're left alone with yourself and your own thoughts. we must try and see the best in life at the moment, although it is so hard xoxo

  3. i do this too, but sometimes i like the feeling of not knowing what's there ♥

  4. I do the same thing. The other night the power went out and I was writing on bed when BAM the lights went off as well as the tv. I could not of been any scared because I hate silence and darkness mixed together. I had to put some candles on and turn on my ipod.