Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i like tiny things almost as much as i like hidden things.

out of sight, out of mind, that's where i am. i'd like to be folded away between the sheets, closed between pages of books, hiding in the corner of a box under the bed. under the ferns at the bottom of your garden, stringing bells on the leaves. i don't want to fade away as much as i want to hide, to not be seen or thought of for a while. it would help if i wasn't here, a tiny thing scurrying between people and places. instead i'd be hiding under flowers in a valley, peering out behind clouds over mountains.

i'm the little thing making the overturned tea cup quiver, maybe you should teach your cat a few things, because i'm not a mouse and i don't particularly like fine china cages. you're a lovely tailor though, it's a shame about the twist. it's only a tiny button-hole though, perhaps no one will noticed. it's very hidden, and like me, so small.

so small.


  1. you have such a gift with words. your thoughts dance around my head at midnight.
    this is how i feel so much of the time, dear, like i could just fade away.. and i wouldn't mind ♥ xoxo

  2. i've just stumbled upon your blog,
    and i'm ever so glad - quivering teacups and tiny mice; everything is so magic.

  3. What a lovely string of words you have here...I'm enchanted by the stories you tell!!

  4. so magical. how wonderful it would be to live like thumbelina. xxx