Tuesday, March 16, 2010

THE alice?

yesterday i saw alice in wonderland.

it's amazing. it's fantastic. it's wonderful. it's splendiferous. it was everything i hoped and more!

i'll mention a few of my favorite things, but i don't want to give away any spoilers... i'll try not to, but just in case, skip the next few lines if you haven't seen alice yet!

johnny depp is just fantastic. he's perfect. the mad hatter was played splendidly, he was hilarious and charming.... but i also found him a little sad, a bit of a tragic character. did anyone else? it made me a little sad but the hatter won a special place in my heart. also johnny depp's scottish voice holds an amount of sexiness that should be illegal. it probably is in some states. the hatter almost sounded like jack sparrow in some parts...which i'm not complaining about!

helena bonham carter - she was P E R F E C T. i love her so much! the red queen was dispicable but hilarious! she's a brilliant actress and i like that she has no qualms about having her head inflated to many times it's normal size. and alice as a child in her flashbacks is helena's daughter! and i think tim burton is the father... she looks so much like her mother! she's so adorable!

mia wasikowska is beautiful. i loved her portrayal of alice, headstrong and stubborn.

tim burton - has never failed me yet. he's a genius. (i think a good story for him to use would be snow white... anyone else? what do you think he should do?)

who else needs a mention? alan rickman suits a caterpillar surprisingly well (snapapillar... heh heh), THE CHESHIRE CAT is amazing, i loveloveloveloveloved him (i love stephen fry too!), the doormouse was adorable, and anne hathaway was surprisingly good in such a different role too!

and the dresses alice wears are stunning!

yes, i thought alice was amazing beyond amazing. i saw it in 3D and while that was nice and all, it wasn't really necessary, i think. it makes it somewhat less real... it might only be alice though. apparently avatar in 3D was mind-blowing. i only saw it in 2D. i've seen a few other films recently (i love the cinema!): valentine's day (alright, taylor swift was hilarious, but it seemed like it was trying to be love actually, which was epic), the men who stare at goats (oh this made me laugh more than i have in a while... i loved it!) and just recently, shutter island. at night, during a rainstorm. it was creepy but good.

also lately you wouldn't believe how much i've been baking! ANZAC biscuits, brownies, madelines, gingernuts, chocolate cupcakes, and only just now, a lovely pear and raspberry slice, which is currently in the oven, hopefully rising.

i should be answering science questions but instead i'm still obsessing over alice in wonderland. one of my favorite stories done so well. it makes me so happy. i wish i was in wonderland.


  1. i can't wait to see alice in wonderland. id like to see the bounty hunter at the cinema, because gerard butler is lovely. your blog is magical & i love the name ghostbirds. samantha ♥

  2. Hello deer, it sounds like you have been having a marvellous time. I watched Alice, it was fantastic. I adored the phrase "muchness" and the idea of her being "the wrong Alice". I absolutely fell in love with the Hatter. ♥

  3. i would love to go and see this. it looks so very magical, x

  4. We can't see alice in wonderland in spain yet. But I'm waiting for it :D
    I wish I had more time to go to the cinema.
    I love your blog dear :)