Tuesday, March 9, 2010

march rain, march violets

hellooo dears!
time does fly. i don't know how many times i've typed this now, but really it's hard to believe! we're well into 2010 already, and i'm back home down under after a whirlwind of new adventures and places.

a lot of new things have happened now after returning to my old home. a new school starting. a new haircut which at first i hated but now i like a lot. it used to be long and tangled like a mermaid and now it's shorter and neater like a porcelain doll. new magazine to read - it's called frankie and it's absolutely completely lovely. i'd really really like to start to read lula but i don't know where to get it! it's on the list at borders but they didn't have it - does anyone know where to get it in australia? new friends to make but keeping the old ones close. a new hobbies - sewing and photography. writing new stories - lots and lots of new stories. a new grade, new subjects to study. new year. new cds to listen to. i really love march. i'm not quite sure why but something about it appeals verymuch to me. reminds me of sunny days alternating with gloomy chilly rain, perfect for reading in bed or dancing in the sunlight. even the name makes me happy. march rain, march flowers, march violets.

i've been reading an insane amount. alice in wonderland for the zillionth time. i know i should get cracking on my english books, but i blame my copy of alice. it used to be my mother's, and my grandmother's before that, and it's so wonderful. old and yellowing with gilded pages and the cutest illustrations. i've also been freaking myself out with dracula on windy nights and blackbird house by the torchlight. and chocolat too, in coffee shops after school. i love it all. i've began to reread some lemony snicket too, instead of cracking on those english novels. woops :3

seeing ghosts that don't matter. visiting old friends in the ink named harry and ron and lupin and dearest luna. watching seinfeld. watching the xartoon alice in wonderland. looking forward to seeing the new one. redecorating my room.

i'm going to post some photos from my trip very very soon. i especially want to show you the photos from ireland - it is such an absolutely gorgeous place, perfect in every single way. paris, too - one day i want to live in montmatre. popping down to laduree for some rose petal and vanilla macarons.

also i've been thinking about changing my blog name. a tiny bit. although i do love the name ghostbirds. hmm.

have lovely march days.


  1. oh i love your blog dear. i too have an old yellowing copy of Alice which was my mother's. i love it so much. your new room is so cute. <33

  2. Alice and Dracula and Lemony Snicket... you mentioned all of my favourite books in one paragraph! ♥

    Oh, I absolutely adore your blog name "ghostbirds". I shall be very sad to see it go. But if you feel like a change, then a change is what you must have. x

  3. oh grace, we are so alike ♥ stars and tiny things are two of my favourite things in the whole world, i would very much love to be stardust friends. oh i'm so glad :) xx

  4. ohhh your blog is so magical and lovely, I love this post (: go Frankie! :D love your blog name but if you must change it then it's a must! (:

    have lovely day ♥

    - Michelle

  5. your blog is so lovely. i cannot wait to see alice and wonderland at the cinema. hope your time in ireland is wondeful. samantha ♥

  6. i love ghostbirds. two things i adore- birds and ghosts. your blog is pretty pretty pretty, x