Sunday, September 20, 2009


i've been so bad lately with my blogging. i am sorry, but things have gone absolutely crazy since the countdown to europe has come to one week and three days. eep.

i've adopted the habit of taking my camera with me when i walk to and from school, and i must say that it's made the trip a new kind of enjoyable. i love being able to put my newest hobby into regular action, and something about photography seems to help me with my writing, in seeing the beauty in the ordinary.
21 days into spring and the sap has fully awakened in the trees, butterflies and bees have resumed their usual posts, and buds have swelled and opened in bursts of colour and sweet spring fragrances. so of course i'm going to take advantage of this. i can't help myself. i'm in love with flowers. the rose plant above (that is a rose right? for someone who loves flowers so much i'm pretty cluless) has wilted away its white bloom in favor for some of velvet curtain red... is that possible? can you get a red-and-white rose bush? am i dreaming too far again?

there are starflowers here.

these trees are the 'evil trees' to quote my father (though he is an artist and not on the same wavelength as everyone else... unlike his only daughter who was dumped by her wavelength a lot time ago and is now floating in an ocean of oddness). i need to get a better photo, but what we have here is three trees, ancient, bark rugged and black, growing in a perfectly straight line, with long branches separating and separating, dividing and dividing into countless tiny twigs, clawing at the sky. almost grusome in their menace, yet strangely ethereal. beautiful, even. alluring. you can imagine dark things in their shadows but you can't help but be drawn closer... the grow on the border of a huge park i cross on my way to school, a dividing line between the sweeping glades and calm rustling of the emerald green park and the loud, grey, sprawling intersection that couldn't better mark the return to city life.i've noticed that whenever i describe daisies in stories etc. i always use the adjective 'happy'. whenever i see a daisy, i always think of it as happy. they are just generally happy little flowers, even wilting, they always have the breezy white petals and bright yellow middle, colours that always remind me of a warm summer's day. if roses are the flowers of love, daisies are certainly the flowers of happiness.

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  1. oh, such a lovely post as usual. the pictures of the flowers are so beautiful, they make me feel so happy and smiley and your words are so magical ♥