Monday, October 12, 2009


tiny tiny post for now to apologise for my bludgingly stubborn procrastination in blogging, even though i love it so. i spent most of this week in london, which was too amazing for words, and the past two days in prague, which is so beautiful, although on our first night i've been awfully sick and bedridden, which was awful. i will post my many photos soon, but i'm not sure when i'll have internet connection again. i'm dreadfully sorry D8
tomorrow i fly to italy! :D
p.s i will get around to commenting all the lovely blogs i read. i will i will i will.


  1. Having fun i bet. Make sure you bring me back the flag from the eiffel tower when you go to France! And dont forget the pet roks for B.
    miss you <3

  2. oh dear, you must not be sorry for not blogging much, you had an amazing opportunity to visit such wonderful cities! much love <3