Tuesday, September 8, 2009

springtime and marie antoinette clouds

just a quick post to show you how i spent my first few days of spring...

and how prickle spent it...
today, the early spring clouds at dusk resembled (to me, at least), a dress Marie Antoinette would wear...

i love spring. le printemps. where i am you can almost smell the flowers waking up - dew and rain and sweet earth. and rain it has - a lot, for the first time in forever. how funny to think that winter is our driest season here in australia. or not. i just think it's weird.
a certain something decided to drop in and have a snack whilst i was soaking in the spring sun and catching up on my reading.


  1. dear miss grace, everything is so perfect on this post! the pictures are just beautiful, it seems strange to me that in other parts of the world it is spring, as where i live it is now autumn! also, i am really loving the look to your blog ~ the pretty lilac background and the night time header, it is all so very magical. and oh, is that the moon on the header picture? it looks as if it is upside down! hehe ♥

  2. thank you so much! and yes that is the moon; i'm not sure if it's part of it's cycle or if it's a hemisphere thing that makes it look upside down, but i have a feeling it's the former. ^-^

  3. such lovely pictures :) i'm glad i have stumbled across your blog, because it's so lovely. it's nice to think that on the other side of the world it's the beginning of spring! because here in Portugal where i live, autumn is coming, which is the opposite too :) oh well.

    much love <3