Saturday, August 15, 2009

oh to be young, and feel love's keen sting

god, time flies.

it doesn't seem that long ago since i posted a blog and now i look and my last one was about this time last month. i'd apologise about everyones graceless period but does anyone really care?

so much has happened in the past month. school started again after the winter holidays, for example. joyous memories had by all. not.

before that, though, we (the very best of my friends, my cousin, and the very best of his friends) went to see the new harry potter movie. it was quite good, actually, in the bits that we paid attention to, the ones between giggling at random and often inappropriate jokes cracked loudly in the middle of the movie theatre and awe-ing over draco. english guys are indeed the best.

on the subject of movies, coco avant chanel is out here in the land of oz (describing australia like that is so weird. how can people call this place oz? sounds like we should be looking for a wizard while running away from flying monkey 'pretties' or something) and i reeeeeally want to go and see it. chanel and audrey tautou are icons for me, so naturally i want to see it. as soon as possible. i can't this weekend though because of netball and a family picnic and i can't next weekend as one of my friends is busy (you need time to get over the trauma of school camps like the one she's going to, and she's got a baby shower to go to. how odd to think that she's gonna be an aunt) and it seem i must wait to weeks which is a frightful bore if i'm going to speak holly golightly. at least next weekend my mother is taking me to breakfast and vintage boutique shopping in town, which i can't wait for.

i feel like blah at the moment. like sally's song, actually.
why must my theme song be sally's song?
speaking of that, amy lee has done a cover for the new Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack Nightmare Revisited. i love the Nightmare Before Christmas. love it. always have. and i haven't watched it for years. i want to see it again. sally's song is my favorite. and amy lee is definately one of my idols, right up there with audrey hepburn and coco chanel. she's the lead singer of evanescence, one of my favorite bands ever.

i was left home alone tonight, which was unbelievably relaxing. it's nice having some alone time, especially since Charade was on TV, although my mother did want to see it. there wasn't much on offer but i managed to have a wonderfully unhealthy dinner:

we went to the beach today with the family, and in a move frustratingly like me i forgot the camera which is disappointing because it was a lovely day, unseasonably warm for winter, and there was a pod of dolphins (one of my favorites) leaping around. there was even a little baby one jumping about. too cute! i found some pretty shells though, and helped plan for our european trip.
more to come soon! i've got school all week but i'm going vintage shopping on the weekend so if i make any fabulous purchases i'll definately show you.

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