Sunday, August 30, 2009

midnight musings

the sky is cobalt.

night falls soft and delicate as tissue paper here. where the sunlight pools in dapples during the day is consumed by shadow. places that are peaceful in their quietness during the light are made eerie with darkness.
why do people rarely venture from their houses just to walk at night?
the wind whispers things to the shadow, the silence tells a thousand stories in the distant twinkling of stars. the scent of jasmine curls through the moonlight.
everything is so much simpler.
why do people fear the quiet outside at night?

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  1. oh, thank you so much for following my blog dear it really made me so happy :) and your blog is so magical; the pictures are so dreamy and your words are so beautiful. i shall definatley be following and adding your blog onto my lovely reads page ♥