Monday, July 13, 2009

i am up in the clouds

I was home alone today, seeing as my mother went out shopping, my brother went to our grandmother's house with our cousins, and my father went to help my uncle move houses. I didn't go with anyone because a. my mother had to do her tax return which sounded mind-imploding, b. i have an acute distaste to little kids running around screaming, which is exactly what my cousins do (i think they want to grow up to be professional nuisances), and c. my father said most of the move would entail heavy lifting and moving of large objects, and me being a thin, petite fourteen-year-old girl, i wouldn't be much help at all.

so i pretty much had the run of the house, alongside prickle the cat and my border collie, scully. here in australia it's bitterly cold, even when the day outside looks harmless and sunny. which i learned when i went outside to take photos.
this here is prickle, my kitten! i strongly believe that she is my daughter in cat form which we got from the RSPCA the week before my birthday almost two years ago. she's either a grey tabby or a california spangled (or both) and i absolutely adore her. once i found her sitting on the top step out the front of her house with a bunch of other cats of the neighborhood milling at the bottom around her and mewling, so i'm pretty sure she considers herself the queen of everything. then again, don't all cats?

i love how this photo below turned out. i love how the light and shadow turn the leaves and branches into something more ethereal.

it rained a little today as well, and afterwards a nice little half-rainbow came out on the border where a huge raincloud met the sky, which was otherwise clear. it was the nicest thing, and in the perfect place in the sky to photograph:

right now i'm listening to where i end and you begin by radiohead. you must listen to it.