Saturday, July 11, 2009

i dreamt a dream tonight

Sooo I just finished watch Romeo and Juliet for, like, the fifth time in three days. I can't help it! I just adore that movie so much. Leo is gorgeous in it. Baz Luhrmann is so clever! How did he go so wrong with Australia? There's three hours of my life I want back. Note to foreign people: Australia is not anything like the movie that it shares an unfortunate namesake with, and we certainly do not condone Hugh Jackman (or Huge Jackass as I call him) as the world's sexiest man! Ick.
Moulin Rouge was very good as well. Apart from the Golden Compass, it's the only movie Nicole Kidman is halfway decent in. How that woman ever became so big is beyond me, because her acting is cuh-raptacular. But again, I really like Moulin Rouge. Good movie.
But I got off track. If ever you find yourself with a free night and a loss for a movie to watch, see Romeo and Juliet. The acting is stunning in it, especially at the end. Leo's crying is so real. In fact, it probably was. I can't help but cry at the end of that movie. Every time. And Clare Danes is so gorgeous, although it's a bit odd seeing her so young. My favorite scenes would be the death scene coming at a close second to the scene when they first see each other through the fish tank and the pool scene. Such a beautiful movie. Tybalt annoys me though. His voice. He reminds me of Bugg's Bunny, whom I hate. At least he dies (sorry for the spoiler).
Anyway. At the moment the Princess Bride is playing on my TV. I love that movie. The first time I saw it was agesss ago with my year 5 class. I remember sitting up with she who is know still one of my best best best friends (you know who you are J), and watching it 'cause it was the end of the year and the teacher was sick of us. Good times. Heh, I love the Spanish guy.
So. Just to assure you, not all my blogs are going to be random stretches of pointless rambles about movies and bad vs good actors. Hopefully it should get halfway interesting around October-ish, which is when I will be flying to London! And if that's not enough, from there I will be going to Switzerland, then Italy, travelling all through Italy, from Rome to Venice to Tuscany, then onwards to Barcelona, where we will be living for 3 months because my father is an artist and he won an apartment studio there to study. While based in Barcelona we will be going to France - Paris, Provence, the French Riviera - and Moroco ( Marakesh ), AND Turkey. Not to mention that we may even fly to St. Petersburg in Russia! My GOD I am soooo excited! I'm really looking forward to how it will help my writing, too. I plan to document my travels in pictures and in-depth posts on this blog, so keep an eye out for it!
Other things I will put in this blog would be things like poems and short stories I write, random musings of mine, rants (and there will be a lot of them), the odd book or movie review, galleries of photos I take and drawings and sets on Polyvore I make, and pretty much anything I can think of.
So yes. There is my first offical little blog post. I hope you enjoyed it.
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  1. Omg G! You are so lucky. Grrr! How many places are you going to! Lol. And I lubb both movies! YAY! Ewewew-Hugh Jackman. His new name suits him well! ttfn