Tuesday, June 14, 2011

exerpt of a story

"astronomers. they're lonely and they don't know it. yet." maybe not ever. the thing was, she realised, astronomers like him (for her) and them (for the other stargazer-gazers) spent the most of their time thinking of things greater than this world, and so they start expecting terrestrial things to be big and fantastic, too. they had too many stars in their eyes. here on earth, things are tiny and pale, paperthin and watery in comparison to to the wonders the astronomers know exist out there, always and forever out of reach.
it was lucky, then, she conceded bitterly, that they were so easily distracted by their stargazing, because imagine if someone like that were ever to marry and realised the utter simplicity, utter unspectacularness of love after the romance dies down and you're bound by metal wound around your finger. an astronomer could never be so interested in so small and earthy a thing as love; he'd be disappointed and run back to his telescope and his poor wife would be left there. interstellar, knowing she wasn't good enough. imagine what it would be like, knowing that no matter how brightly you shone, how beautiful you became, you'd always be pale in comparison to your beloved's first love: the stars, the laughing comets, the nebulae of the universe. imagine being able to list the names of your husband's lovers - cassiopeia, andromeda, orion, virgo - and having nothing to do about it.
no. better to turn your back on the heavens and prove to yourself the wonders of mutual human love. to love an astronomer is to be an astronomer: always wanting the beautiful thing orbiting out of reach.
look away. never wish on a comet or sigh at the moon again. we're alone in this universe; they won't help you.
"i defy you stars."


  1. I once knew a boy who was like an astronomer...
    I love what you wrote here, especially the beginning is a thing of endless beauty! You must write more, because I cannot get enough of your words. xx

  2. thank you so much; you're too kind really my dear! and i've made a promise with myself to post more often because i really do need to write more.

  3. Oh gosh, this is magical. and it makes my heart ache a little. <3

  4. I feel like most boys are like astronomers. Us girls will never be enough for them.

    This is truly wonderful, love. Breathtaking.
    You really should write more. You are phenomenal at it.


  5. oh, my darling grace, i am so glad to see a new post from you. this must be the most beautifulest thing i have read on your blog. it is just... amazing! breathtaking! it left me starry-eyed and heartbroken. what a magnificent extract - i love it, i love it! i wish i could read the entire story, honestly. "imagine being able to list the names of your husband's lovers" - perfection. you really are an incredible writer. lots and lots and lots of love, xxxx

  6. This is absolutely wonderful! I would so love to read more. That last line, 'I defy you stars'...Oh, my. xxx

  7. "I defy you stars"

    I could just lay my eyes on this one. I'm a new follower, dear.