Saturday, November 20, 2010

part I

you always had a heart that waxed and waned. a little moon that pulled on the tides of your tears. you always felt like a sliver of a person, a crescent, a bent and sickle-shaped shadow in the face of others whose hearts shone and blazed like stars, or else wandered the unknowns between each other like comets, leaving behind a blinding trail that people would wish on. most of the time your heart is just a pale little crescent, a shy claw of a ghost curled into itself with its back to the rest of the universe, taking solace in the camoflague of being inextraordinary. all your thoughts and loves and tears and feelings pressed and paled like flowers left forgotten in the pages of books. as a sickle moon, you are brittle.

when your heart disappears into its own shadow as a new moon you scare even yourself. you fade away completely into the void you always knew was there, the black hole that takes up the space your crescent moon heart makes when it presses everything you have away into that bent and broken hiding place. the black hole that was born when your first heart, your star heart, went supernova before it could be used (the moon heart was only an urgent replacement, but be grateful you weren't left with just that black hole). bitter like the nectar of dead flowers and so utterly, all-encompassingly alone, you take the light and turn it into darkness. you know how it is to be emptier than space.

(i will be away for a few days, dearlings. i promise another post when i get back. i've been thinking of making a companion blog for ghostbirds. maybe a travel blog or just a blog of my daily thoughts? what do you think? )


  1. wonderful writing! I do so love the metaphors and similies you've used here. creative and whimsical. xx I am a new follower dear.

  2. Grace, such beauty! I am left starry-eyed and wonder-hearted. My absolutely favourite line was: "when your heart disappears into its own shadow as a new moon", oh the imagery is just perfect. I can read this again and again, there is so much to absorb and contemplate in your words. ♥

  3. you write so wonderfully that i think i'd love to read any blog of yours :) xx