Thursday, August 12, 2010

a smile, and everything is gone

how people can destroy each other's hopes, without even realising.

it's something tragic; it's something beautiful.

(i'm very sorry for being away for so long. sick computer and tired nights, see. don't feel i've forgotten you, please)


  1. you've described it perfectly. glad you are back. xx

  2. it's good to see you back xx

  3. Indeed, smiles can be heartbreaking, and tired night are the worst. Welcome back, darling. xxx

  4. Totally agree with what you said, dear. It fascinates me how fragile we are, and how strong we consider ourselves sometimes.
    You've got such a nice blog here, dear :)

  5. Tragedy and Beauty often go hand-in-hand, and it hurts. Dearest, please don't ever let anyone trample on your dreams and hopes; they are the most precious things and I do wish they were kept safe forever and ever.
    Love, Athena. xxx