Tuesday, June 15, 2010

venus is bright tonight

you could see miss venus and lady lune in the sky tonight. side by side in orbit. the fairy tales were all written in the sky first, tonight a new one was born. perhaps it was about me. but i don't think so. i think maybe it was about you, and if you blow dandylion clouds towards them, offer them a gift, they will blow magic from the nebulae and wishes will come true. they wished me luck as i hurried through the dark and the chill to perform.

i hoped to be brave, even though i wanted to shrink and fold myself away into the little blinks of my nervous heart. i hoped to be like little fur, who travelled to underth with her ginger and the ferrets, the rat and sorrow who wished only for death (and who still breaks my heart, even now). i thought of she, and all the other Brave Things, and they swelled and turned the blinking into tailbeats of a whale, a singing whale big and strong and beautiful and brave. and alone.

meanwhile i have been wishing the queen a happy birthday, picking my way across rocks on the sea. tasting the salt on my lips hours afterward. baking caramel mudcake and going for even more walks, this time to a forest of trees pale as milk-ghosts. slender and elegant as the legs of arabian mares. silent, but not really silent (the world is only silent when the end comes, when Doom collects in clouds and sprinkles across the land, suffocating every Thing that ever was, stilling the humming echo of planets). but this forest was eerily quiet, blanketed with a silence only a few songbirds were brave enough to break. tentatively.
perhaps we should start a band of gypsies. gypsies of old who painted caravans with magical lands and knitted their way around the countrysides and cities. at night we could gather dry tree bones and build little castles with them, set them alight with each other. we would come from the midnight blue clouds which trap stars in their bellies to give as gifts to lovers. we could dance, oh how we could dance. we would move like tree branches in the wind. like spinning pulsars. like wildfires. like flowers opening. we will wear long skirts that ripple with every colour known (and a few that aren't) in patterns so detailed and painstaking only the most talented spider artist could possibly have dreamed them. we would put bells everywhere. sew them to our hems, wear them around our wrists, necks, ankles, lace our horses bridle's with them, hook them on trees. give them to possible-lovers instead of rings or flowers or certainly not our hearts. it takes a gypsy boy to chase a gypsy girl. we would grow our hair long, it would tumble around us like clouds of butterflies. and we would believe in herbs, collect so many wild plants we would began to smell like them, we would be the rosemary and basil and sage troupe.

tomorrow i go to another play, not to perform but this time to watch. i am eager and energetic as a little bunny to see this performance of anastasia, she is one of my favorite of the Lost.


  1. the photo of the night time sky looks so stunning. 'blanketed with a silence only a few songbirds were brave enough to break. tentatively' oh, i love love love that part <3 xxx

  2. oh the sky must have been magic. maybe the air nymphs cast a spell on it to make it special just for you. i am sure of it.
    how i long to be a gypsy and meet a handsome gypsy boy. i am planning to grow my hair very long and it will tumble around me in tangled waves. it is actually on my Summer List, to wear bells in some shape or form this summer.
    oh, gracey, you have me inspired. will you act as a gypsy with me this summer? we can write letters to eachother saying what we have been getting up to on our gypsy adventures ♥ i simply must go and buy some herbs now!
    p.s. speaking of letters, i am hopefully sending yours tomorrow. xxxx

  3. how come you can always write the most perfect things, your blog can always always improve my day. i just sigh.

  4. Wow...so lovely. You have such a fantastic blog!

  5. hi grace molly! you have a cute blog as well! glad we are connected. xo