Thursday, June 10, 2010

peppermint syrup and blueberry toast

my dear readers... i must apologise to you all for being so inconsistant with my posting, and that when i do they have been so wistful... it is officially winter now and we have been welcomed into the chill with a patchwork quilt of clouds and rain and frost-sunshiney mornings. my exams went well, i was so happily surprised with my results, i hope everyone else who have had tests have done well, but i'm sure you have♥

when not examining, i have been practising for drama. spending far too much money on silvery glitter stars. curling under doonas with magic books. drinking cup after cup after cup of tea. counting each leaf as it falls off the oak tree in the square. father bear teaching me how to make paper boxes, i will make one every day he is away in china. macaron-making. going out for early breakfasts with mama and uncle - the most delicious toasted blueberry and banana bread and a minty hot chocolate. making fossils in science... a fossil is really another ghost, and they blow in with the cold and the clouds. buying a new pair of pyjamas to keep me snuggly - the pants have a late rabbit with a pocket-watch and waistcoat, but he is brown. he is just a somewhat-tardy brown bunny but i still love him lots. sometimes we are all just late brown rabbits in a world of early white ones.

the wonderful news has come that jsut before father bear leaves for china, he has an art exhibition in melbourne which opens a few days before my birthday! mama says we can go. i am so excited, you must always jump at the chance to go to melbourne if it arises, it is a spectacular and beautiful city. mama and i hope to see mary poppins on stage. other exciting news has come that we may be able to join father in china for a bit! i am so excited for that too, we can see the panda bears and the wall, the forbidden city and the terracotta soldiers frozen in formation.

if you times the number of shivers you get in winter by the leaves that fall in autumn, you get fairy tales from the north. you get stitching-patterns for snowflakes and castles in blizzards.

i have been thinking... about how i never really liked licorice, any licorice, until a dear fairy of a friend of mine began to bring bags of green apple licorice to school, in a brown and black striped paper bag. and the five of us would sit in a group and share it. the sweets were as green as the grass we sat on, and since then i was always partial to green apple licorice... i haven't seen it, or that fairy-friend for a while now.

i must go now, i have a birthday card to make and maths homework to finish, silly me. please do tell me how you are now, i do love to hear from you all so much. and i also am very sorry for the lack of photos in this post, my camera has decided to be funny and not connect to the computer at the moment.

wishing for you only sweet days, snug gloves and scarves if it is winter for you, sweet sunshine and ripe berries if it is summer ♥


  1. oh, melbourne is a beautiful city, I always love visiting!
    your blog is lovely, dear - you write in the most eloquent way, with a hint of nostalgia.

  2. I went to melbourne only a few months back, I treasure that place. x ♥

  3. How do you write such pretty words, i envy your imagination. The words you write leave me in ore of you, and i wish i could watch the leaves fall & eat toasted blueberry and banana bread beside you. I wish i could visit china, lucky you. Also melbourne, i would love to visit there too, especially for an art exhibition and Mary Poppins.

    It's a english summer here, the clouds are casting a fluffy veil across the sun, so it's very very chilly. I'm also curling under my duvet with a book, my eyes eating every delicious word. And of course drinking tea by the bucket load.

    Snuggle up warm and keep the cups of tea flowing.

  4. Hello sweet bird, as always your words were a joy to read. It sounds like you are going to have some marvellous treats. China, I would love to go to China! I sincerely hope you get to go. It is summer over here, a little cold and rainy, a little warm and sunny. Much love to you. x

  5. your blog is full of the most whimsical, lovely things, my dear, i can't believe i only just stumbled upon it! it sounds like life has been lovely for you. and Melbourne, i'm so jealous! i hope you have a wonderful birthday. xxx