Monday, May 31, 2010

strange days and lost things

rain presses against the window now, soft as a breath, draped over trees and cities like cobweb parachutes from factories. deer, dear. rain presses against the window, something else presses against me.cushions my chest in soft wooliness, seeping through my ribs, always so gently pressing. the softest breath of wistfulness, of longing and sadness but for what?

talk talk talk about Fears and Facing Them, with swords and maps and shields, but i only fear silence in the wind, and lots more. but really, that's the main thing. and what then? silence isn't vanquished with swords, it's vanquished with loudness and you weren't made for that, grace. even the quietest whisper would break it but the wind steals my breath from me, carries it out to sea, throws it into the lungs of clouds. i wish it would tell me stories again, but all it wants is to take me away...

sometimes, i think i'd let it.


  1. i could go on and on and on about how beautiful this post was, how beautiful your soul is, but i think i shall just tell you this: above all, always allow yourself to believe. this wistful breath and longing, i experience it a lot of the time.. wanderlust. go somewhere you haven't been before and lose yourself in the wind. best remedy for everything, my dear. ♥ xxx

  2. dearest grace,
    how Brave you are, talking about Fears. i have not found the courage to do this, to pick up my sword and vanquish them. how truly, truly precious you are.
    ps. would you be a historian with me, darling? we could travel the world and show the people the world in the corner of their eyes.

  3. Delicate mouse, brave and noble Grace. You are pure beauty and magic. I often wish the wind would carry me away, you know. I suppose the only solution is to become a rock or a tree. And read good books, always. Books and music make everything better. x

  4. your words are so beautiful, they help me escape.
    never stop writing or believing.
    lots of love always. ♥

  5. we all dive into these strange days and nothingness... your words make me wander far. I really want to wander far but sometimes, Grace, it's not so easy...

    love your words