Saturday, December 12, 2009


i just logged on, and suddenly i have ten followers. thank you so much. every time someone follows my blog, or posts a friendly comment, it makes me just so happy. thank you so much

little j at random rants sealed with a heart

queenofyay at what my eyes are shielding

suzannah at magical whisper

then i see the sky at then i see the sky

nicole at bittersweet life

freya at little shadow

sarah in wonderland at the teastained page

ki' at soft core.

sara who doesn't seem to have a blog at the moment

and lastly but in no way leastly

leanne at sea wolf

and of course thank you so much to everyone who has commented on, liked, or even read my blog. because i know that, in some way, my voice is being heard. and also, thank you to all the people behind the blogs i follow. you, those who follow ghostbirds, those who like or have commented on it are all so, so lovely. thank you to the sky. and merry christmas to everyone. everywhere. even if you don't celebrate it. have a merry 25th december.♥


  1. oh, you are so lovely dearest grace, i too have always longed to see the northern lights and i dream about the snow and the arctic lands constantly. one day i hope to live with those animals and have a magical life. it would be so lovely. anyway, thankyou for your wonderful comment dear, i do hope you have a magical christmas ♥

  2. hello, love ♥
    I've only just stumbled upon your blog and I've fallen quite in love ♥
    I eagerly await your future posts, dear(: