Saturday, December 19, 2009


the alhambra perches atop a rocky outcropped hill, surrounded by lush floating gardens, overlooking granada like a dragon protecting its treasure hoarde. a labyrinth of gardens, separated into private little grottos, spreads around it, reflecting in their still ponds the face of regality through the ages.

and inside... walls carved with plaster patterns so intricate and precise they must have been done by the breath of ghosts, or the drops of rain falling outside... vaulted ceilings laced with the closest things to cobweb patterns we will ever make.
... the alhambra is an old moorish palace in granada, in southern spain, whose origins date back to the thirteenth century. it is a place of great religious celebration manifested in beautiful, mathimatically ingenious patterns in plaster on the walls, surrounded by water-gardens and filled with fountains, as the moors found the sound of running water peaceful and meditative. it was pouring rain when we visited, but nonetheless beautiful. i love palaces. palaces, castles, citadels - maybe i just belong in the middle ages.
speaking of palaces... i go to paris on tuesday! wow! i cannot wait! we're spending christmas there. i can't think of anything more magical than christmas in paris, except maybe a white christmas in paris. i'll keep hoping and wishing. i can't wait to see everything. eat parisian macaroons. climb the eiffel tower. see versailles. i'll have to clean out the photos on my camera.
merry christmas everyone! i hope you all get snow if you want it, and a lovely day in the end.


  1. oh, my. your words and the pictures are so enchanting, so breathtaking, I very well cannot stop to merely blink! You are ever so magical...don't ever lose it, dearest. thank you for your comment, it really means the world to me. merry christmas to you as well, love ♥
    your forever friend, olivia

  2. what a wonderful place, it makes my heart beat a little faster. when seeing such wonderful things, and reading them, i can't but start fantasizing on faraway lands. i am sure you will go to all the places you dream of, as well :) i hope you had a very merry christmas, dear! <3

  3. oh, and dearie, i've changed my blog name and URL...just hought you would like to know(: