Sunday, November 1, 2009

a tiny note

a month in and i'm finally getting around to starting my european travel journal. or would be, if i had glue. sigh. i guess it's back to reading angels and demons until i can buy some somewhere. maybe when we get to barcelona.
speaking of which, has anyone seen the movie? i watched it on the plane to london - it's awfully exciting. i enjoyed it, and while the book isn't the best written i've ever read, it certainly is interesting. on the plane, i also watched marie antoinette - which i loveloveloveloveloved, such an aesthetically beautiful movie (those dresses! and her country house! -drool-) - and the other bolyn girl (lovely, but i didn't like how they portrayed anne. i love anne.), and the dutchess. ^^
i'm in arles, france, at the moment. so far the countries i've been to are england for a week, czechsolavakia (don't trust my spelling) for two days, italy for most of october and france, since hallowe'en. on this trip. if we want to get into it, i've also been to thailand and malaysia, but that was last year. does the vatican count as a country? if so, i've been there, too. for about an afternoon. and a separate morning. i'm not religious, but i did love it. the square out the front of st. peter's basilica, st. peter's square, is mind boggling. it was designed by michelangelo. and is in angels and demons. i even saw the little air symbol thing that is in the story. and the sistine chapel is amazingly beautiful, just gorgeous and also surprisingly small.but nonetheless lovely.
i have ah lot written about london and saved as a draft, i will try to finish it soon and publish it! i'm settling in barcelona, which will be like a base for the next three months, in a couple of days, so i should have free time then. as for now, i'm off to catch up on your beautimous blogs and then hope out of this drizzle (wi-fi only in the gardens here) and into bed with my book.

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  1. oh i definatley agree marie antoinette is such a beautiful, pretty and inspiring film! and oh, you are so lucky travelling europe! i've never even been out of england, and would love to visit the many beautiful places out there, enjoy each moment as much as you can dear! much love, from suzannah ♥